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What Is N2eu

What is it?

The n2eu project was kicked-off by this call to action: Netsquared - the European Remix?

The basic idea is to hold a major conference to catalyze social change via new media tools. Like the original netsquared project we expect this will also include an online community with community blogging and case studies, as well as local monthly meetings.

There is an active discussion about how this will look in practice as well a debate about the main topics.

What are the goals?

  • To stimulate social innovation via new media tools, especially for advocacy, campaigning and openness
  • To bring together different consitituencies so that activist projects are connected to resources
  • To ask how the social web can address the Big Questions e.g. genocide, HIV, the environment
  • To encourage the movement of innovative activity to the edges of organizations and into communities
  • To bring a strategic and activist perspective to the adoption of web 2.0 tools
  • To go beyond campaigning to construct collaborative social action
  • To inspire a movement based on the viral replication of the n2eu model
  • To generate a high profile in old & new media that leads to the discovery of more pioneering projects