Ok let's start the real work :)

Here is a draft plan for the project proposal

  1. The BigIdea? benefits, in simple words, image, methaphor/analogy
  2. The MainImpact? in a couple of specific examples
  3. WhyItWillSucceed?: the 2-3 main structural reasons
  4. How different is it from what already exist
  5. Where are we: The team, milestones
  6. The financial model
  7. The key points
  8. A first draft of quarterly high level goals
  9. promotion
  10. Next steps

I suggest a page for each bullet point. The style should be more like a powerpoint presentation because it will be easier and faster, focusing on the main points - then we can "write it" in a text.

Let's start defining the projects in each of these pages/slides.

N.B. adding images as links is easy: see