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N2eu Issues

what are the issues for n2eu?

what is the connection to the original netsquared (USA)?

what would give it european relevance? is it going to be EU or UK? what are the criteria for calling it netsquared, or something else? are there any issues raised by the idea of a 'US import'?

"Is N2 to be a convening of activists OR is it to be a convening that puts activists cheek to jowl with resources?"

netsquared usa draws on resources and philanthropy in and around silicon valley. where do we find a business & funding ecology interested in projects incubated by n2eu?

what is the 'hook' for the event?

what about "The four biggest social issues and how social media can impact them"? The 4 issues might be hunger, genocide, h.i.v. and climate.

where will we find the resources & investment to make n2eu happen?

it took a huge investment to get netsquared USA this far.

we aim to bring together different consitituencies; what is the recipe ?

for netsquared usa it is "business, philanthropy, volunteerism, software development, new media, venture capital, the blogosphere, social ventures, and nonprofits. "

is it about campaigning or is it about new kinds of social actions?

what about advocacy versus campaigning? what's the difference between the US and european context?

what makes it different from these related events?

what about diversity (language, connectivity)?

what organisational tools should we use?

since we're all about the social web and web 2.0, why are we using a mailing list? what about ning, facebook etc.?

what organisational form should we adopt?

assuming we want a legal structure that is able to accept money, make payments and enter in to agreements/contracts, should we be: a charity? a limited company? how will we set this up? what other questions does it raise?

what is the position on open source / open standards?

How will it be ensured that a conference and any other face to face stuff is as effective as it can be? Are the skills of the participants more rooted in the online stuff?