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Welcome to "n2eu"

The project (codenamed "n2eu") was kicked-off by this call to action: Netsquared - the European Remix?

The basic idea is to organise a major european conference / community to catalyze social change via new media tools. Like the original netsquared project we expect this will also include an online community with community blogging and case studies.

A new identity: in pure open source spirit, we've setup a page where everybody can suggest the project's name. At a later stage we'll ask for contributions on the logo design.

This is a public wiki dedicated to the project and everybody is welcome to contribute.
(Note: the wiki is password protected to stop wiki-spam. The password is n2eu.)

What is n2eu?

How is it being organised?

Who is involved?

What will it look like?

Sign up for the community mailing list at: